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Skincare Botanicals by Luxe

Hi and welcome to Botanicals by Luxe!
Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions, if your question is still not answered - feel free to email the team or jump over to our Instagram where you will find loads of information, skin and product tips and much more!
"Are your products pregnancy and breastfeeding safe?"
Yes. The entire Botanicals by Luxe range is pregnancy and breastfeeding safe.
"Are your products natural?"
Absolutely! Botanicals by Luxe is free from nasties (no PEGS, parabens, sulfates etc). We have no synthetic/artificial fragrances or colours, our range is completely vegan and absolutely cruelty free. We test our products on humans - not animals.
"Is the skincare made in Australia?"
Yes - it is manufactured in a professional laboratory in Australia.
"How do I know which products I should choose for my skin?"
Keep it simple - select products for your skin type and concerns. A lot of the products are in 99% of our clients routines such as the Hyaluronic Serum, Rosewater Mist and Lactic Facial Polish. Then simply select your cleanser, moisturiser and mask based on your skin type. We also have ready made bundles to save you some money!
"Where are you based?"
We are based in Newtown, Geelong, Victoria
"Do you have a shop?"
No we don't, we are purely an online business. We post orders every day, so your skincare won't be far away!
"How long do your products take to work?"
This question is a bit like "how long is a piece of string?" as every client and every skin is different. Some clients will see results within a few weeks, others will take a few months or more. You will notice increased hydration almost immediately as the Hyaluronic Acid gets to work plumping those skin cells! Jump over to our results page to see some before and after pics.