Pure Spud Konjac Sponge
Pure Spud Konjac Sponge
Pure Spud Konjac Sponge
Pure Spud Konjac Sponge
Pure Spud Konjac Sponge

Pure Spud Konjac Sponge

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The Pure Konjac sponge is the perfect choice for a skin that feels dry, dehydrated, sensitive or reacts negatively from stimulation.

The Pure konjac sponge will expertly cleanse your skin in a soft gentle way without leaving you feeling stripped and dry.

This pure white Konjac Sponge is made from 100% biodegradable Konjac fibre. When this hard dry disc is re hydrated the sponge becomes translucent and abounding in squishy face cleaning awesomeness.

Spud sponge has a slightly alkaline PH that is perfect for gentle cleansing on its own or will play nicely with other cleansers.

It is a perfect choice for you sensitive skin types, along with people that are wanting a gentle yet genuine cleansing experience.

The Pure white Konjac Sponge will last for a minimum of 6weeks but often will last alot longer when treated well. When your Pure konjac sponge starts to look shabby, you will need to return him to the earth to biodegrade.

Spuds care for me tips:

DO NOT WRING ME, just a gentle squeeze will do to remove the excess water.

DO NOT USE ME DRY, (That would be ouchy!)I need to be re hydrated by soaking in water for 5mins or being held under a running tap before my squishy awesomeness will be unleashed.

Rinse me after cleansing until I am clean then hang me up by my hand string in a well ventilated spot so I can dehydrate again.

Do not use the spud sponge over broken skin or any skin legion.

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