We are so thrilled with the "before and after" results coming in from our Botanicals by Luxe skin clients, we simply had to share!


See below some photos of our clients results using a variety of products from our range..

Bek uses our Lactic Cleanser, Hyaluronic Serum, Green Mask, Green Tea + Hyaluronic Cream.

Jess uses our Lactic Cleanser, Hyaluronic Serum, Green Mask.

"I have literally spent thousands on products to fix my skin. I've been using your products for 8 weeks and my skin has never been so clear in my life! Just in time for my wedding too!"

Cassie uses our Rosehip Cleanser, Hyaluronic Serum, Pink Mask, Rosewater Mist, Rosewater + Hyaluronic Cream.

"Your products are reversing the damage I thought was permanent. Please never stop making your products. Forever grateful that you have repaired my skin"

Karen uses our Rosehip Cleanser, Pink Mask, Hyaluronic Serum

Steph uses our Lactic Cleanser, Lactic Facial Polish, Hyaluronic Serum, Rosewater Mist, Green Mask

"My hormonal acne has been the cause of so much grief. Honestly wish I could tell you that it hasn’t been the cause of extremely low self esteem, social anxiety and just a world full of pain... but I’d be lying. My friend recommended Botanicals by Luxe and it has been a life saver for me. I know it has honestly helped so, so much!"

Emily uses our Lactic Cleanser and Hyaluronic Serum

Jasmine uses our Rosehip Cleanser, Green Mask, Rosewater and Hyaluronic Cream, Hyaluronic Sheet Masks, Hyaluronic Serum, Rosewater Mist. These photos are 1 month apart!


"The impact on my self esteem has been huge, and today on my 29th birthday I can honestly say my skin is the healthiest and happiest is has been ever!"


Kimberley's dermatitis has calmed completely while using the Rosehip Cleanser, Hyaluronic Serum, Pink Mask and Green Tea and Hyaluronic Cream

Start your journey to fresh, healthy skin today with Botanicals by Luxe!